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A Research Journal is an attempt to provide scholars, researchers of different disciplines, with a scholarly environment. The nature of the journal is dynamic store of knowledge which is able to revitalize and nurturing the research carried out in different disciplines. While developing this journal we have recognized that research methodologies, degree of imperceptible in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, business, arts and languages. It also includes distinct fields related to human welfare and cause. Hence this journal indeed covers extremely selective research oriented topics.
Though the RESEARCH FRONT is multidisciplinary, the views, ideas, innovative thoughts and opinions will get recognition as research articles. The editorial board is keenly committed to enrich the quality of articles in the journal. Suggestions and detail guidelines are provided to authors. As per recommendations made by the reviewers we give suggestions to authors to modify the articles to enhance research value. The authors are requested to follow certain rules concerned to publication.
We are committed to serve the purpose of publication of value added and scientific based research articles in various disciplines by focusing on state of art concept and methodology.

The principal objectives of the ‘ RESEARCH FRONT' are,
•  To promote the study in all disciplines of knowledge for the benefit of society.

•  To provide proven platform to promote scholarly research articles and case studies from Humanities, Commerce, Sciences and the Social Sciences. It's wide coverage will consist Archaeology, Astronomy, Anthropology, Botany, Biotechnology, Commerce, Cultural studies, Computer, Chemistry, Development studies, English, Engineering, Economics, Electronics, Environmental studies, Geography, Geology, History, International relations, Law, Literatures and Languages, Management, Medicine, Political science, Physics, Public administration, Space, Social policy, Sociology, Zoology and other subjects.

•  To encourage significant work and contribution that communicates across disciplinary boundaries.

•  To provides insights of research advancements and understandings in the all field of knowledge and relevant aspects.

•  To promote research in all disciplines and the advancement of knowledge and understanding.

•  To encourage the exchange of ideas and the application of the results of research among professors, researchers, students, and business people.

•  T o provide a quality readable and valuable addition to the knowledge which will serve as resources for researchers

•  To open up the opportunity of publication for rural research scholars to motivate the research attitude among them.

•  To provide support to the scholars to enable them to undertake and disseminate their research and to help them for development of their own skills of reasoning and understanding.

To provide a platform for the researchers, scholars, resource persons and practitioners from all the fields to share their research findings with rest of the world.

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